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The Brazilian Blowout
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The Real Brazilian Blowout featured on E! Entertainment
Visit http://www.brazilianblowout.com for the official Brazilian Blowout hair treatment products. E! Entertainment news feature on the real Brazilian Blowout found on celebrities like Nicole Ritchi...

The great thing about this treatment line is the fact that everyone can benefit from it. This treatment can be tailor-made to fir your needs. That was one of the reasons behind the creation of Brazilian Blowout ZERO. If you haven't heard of the ZERO, it is like the original except it is milder for those of you who want to keep some curl or wave, or maybe even add some volume to your hair. The original is best if you want to have a sleek and straight look.

You can color the same day as your Brazilian Blowout,  just color first. This will also seal in your color so the color stays longer. (2-4 weeks longer on average...great for reds!)

Brazilian Blowout improves the health of your hair. This is AMAZING for you bleach junkies :) You get the best of both worlds...the blonde you love so much without the damage!!!

The treatment lasts on average of 12 weeks. It can last up to 5 months depending on if you use the after care products and how much you wash your hair. The more times you do the treatment, the longer it lasts.

There is no down time...no waiting before showering or putting your hair in a ponytail. Once you leave the salon, you're ready to rock!

Before & Afters

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